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Justin is the film specialist / projectionist for the Minneapolis Walker Art Center. Simultaneously, he is a documentary filmmaker and freelance video editor.
Blu-ray courtesy of Indicator (UK). Image copyright: Author, Justin Ayd

The 4K image is breathtaking, and shows off the capabilities of a well cared for restoration.

4K UHD Edition Courtesy StudioCanal. Image Credit: Author

A brief, spoiler free look at Thief on its 40th anniversary.

Blu-ray courtesy the Criterion Collection. Image Copyright: Justin Ayd

[Photo Credit: Author]


Ten years ago today the critically acclaimed, commercially successful, and one of the most talked about and debated television shows of all-time came to an end.

Bong Joon Ho’s Mother on 35mm | February 4, 2020 | Walker Art Center

Justin Christopher Ayd

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